Rebecca Wald, Ph.D.

Rebecca Wald, Ph.D.

Family-Centered Psychological Services for Children and Teens

When your child struggles, you struggle too. Whether your child is having difficulty learning in school, battling with anxiety at home, or constantly arguing with adults, you may worry that you’ve done something wrong as a parent or that you’ll be blamed for the problem. You may feel pressured to come up with a solution now. It’s hard to know where to turn for help.

As a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Maryland, I am ready to help you understand why your child is struggling and what you can do to help. I work with parents and children to find practical solutions to help you move forward as a family.

Are you concerned about possible learning problems? I offer flexible, customized evaluations for dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning issues. I am well acquainted with issues facing children who are “twice exceptional” – gifted and learning disabled. For all evaluations, I identify the child’s personal strengths and provide suggestions about how those strengths can be used to build up weak areas. I work with public and private schools to identify successful educational strategies for classroom learning, and I also provide concrete advice for parents about how to work with their children at home. My reports are written in plain English, not “educationese.”

I provide family-oriented mental health treatment for anxiety, depression, OCD, fears and phobias, behavior problems, frequent family conflicts or power struggles, adjustment to difficult life situations, and other psychological issues. As a parent who is currently “in the trenches” with young children, I take a practical, real-world, non-judgmental approach to family struggles. My approach to therapy is active, collaborative, flexible, and solution-focused.

Looking for information about your child’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses? Wondering whether your child might be gifted? I offer IQ and achievement testing, with clear and straightforward explanations of your child’s scores and what they mean.

I founded my practice to specialize in homeschooling families and others who consider themselves to be following family styles which are “outside the box.” However, I am familiar and comfortable with a wide range of parenting and educational styles, and will work with you to help figure out your best strategies for helping your child.

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